About Fernhill School

History of the School

Fernhill School is an independent Catholic school for boys and girls aged 3 to 18. Renowned for academic excellence and personal development, the school has supported young people in their learning for almost 70 years; 50 of those as Fernhill School.
Founded in 1953 by the Sisters of Notre Dame, Fernhill School continues to enjoy very strong links with the Sisters and healthy partnerships with other Notre Dame schools.

The simple unerring goal of Fernhill School is to nurture the God-given talents and skills of our pupils. Staff work in partnership with parents to provide a caring and inclusive environment in which all young people develop academically, socially and personally, ensuring they realise their ambitions and academic potential

We use the school’s extensive grounds to provide pupils with modern 21st century education, underpinned by belief in traditional values. Our teachers help children develop their learning inside and outside of the classroom. Our private grounds and modern classrooms provide a range of teaching and learning opportunities for a diverse range of subjects.

This nurturing environment affords your child the confidence to be the best they can be, offering them opportunities to show initiative, work with others, care for others and be leaders, and ultimately take their place successfully in the modern world they live in.

Head Teacher Welcome

It is my privilege to welcome you to Fernhill School, an all through (3-18) Independent Catholic School in Rutherglen, on the outskirts of Glasgow. We are renowned for academic excellence achieved through our small class sizes, tailored teaching and unrivalled levels of support and challenge. Fernhill School is widely recognised for its outstanding ethos which provides a strong framework for our pupils to become resilient, self-responsible, caring and compassionate citizens.

We strongly believe that given the right tools, our pupils will thrive in taking charge of their own development. Not only do we provide the opportunities for pupils to achieve good academic results but we actively promote the benefits of a wider curriculum. School should be a transformative experience through which pupils can prepare themselves to succeed in the many and varied roles they will undertake in future life.

Our Co-curricular programme will give our pupils the very best opportunities to access inspirational speakers, the opportunity to serve the wider community and wider world, develop leadership skills and a spirit of enterprise and philanthropy. Our outdoor education and international trips play a large role in developing the whole person. Perhaps most importantly our co-curricular provision will help our pupils grow as people, shape their future and impact positively as they move through life.

Fernhill School places wellbeing and support at its core. Every pupil and member of staff is a member of one of our three houses and as such has the opportunity to develop socially, morally, physically, mentally and emotionally. Our community supports many charities throughout the year and our pupils are instrumental in leading events and fundraising activities.

Through their words and actions, our pupils and staff contribute to a climate of mutual trust, respect, compassion and caring. As a school we encourage our pupils to use the privilege of their education for the good of others as well as for personal development. This is perhaps most evident in our Sixth Form who contribute one afternoon per week to the service of others in our wider community.

Above all our pupils will be encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential in curricular and extra-curricular pursuits displaying commitment and diligence and developing resilience in adversity.

We enjoy strong and tangible links with our Church and Chaplaincy. Mass is celebrated regularly in our school Oratory and we have various opportunities to celebrate our faith through the sacraments and Feast days in our local Church.

With this level of support and encouragement and a myriad of opportunities, we are confident our pupils will emerge from Fernhill School as well-educated, understanding, caring, confident and articulate young men and woman ready to play their part in a vibrant and challenging modern world.

Please come and see us in action at a time to suit you. I am certain you will be impressed by our ethos, our curricular offering and our energetic community.

Mark Donnelly
Head Teacher

Values & Ethos

At Fernhill School every pupil is encouraged to be Confident, Compassionate, Courageous and Committed in everything that they do. Being a small school means that no voice ever goes unheard and no hand unseen and in so doing ensures the necessary support is always available to develop our values in every pupil.

Board of Governors

Fernhill School’s Board of Governors take responsibility for ensuring the effective management of the
school, planning the school’s strategic direction and future development and ensuring its success.

The Board of Governors has ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the business of the school
and ensures that there are appropriate arrangements for financial management.

The Board also ensures the school is compliant with all relevant legal and regulatory obligations
and that it operates with high levels of social responsibility.

Board of Governers

Mr S Marini
Board Chair / Director
Mr D Equi
Board Member / Director
Mrs S Marsh
Board Member / Director


Senior Leadership Team

Mr M Donnelly
Head Teacher
Mrs M F Gallacher
Head of Early Years / Director of Admissions
Mrs M Campbell
Head of Primary / Safeguarding Lead
Mrs L Mooney
Senior Depute Head Teacher / Teacher of Chemistry
Mrs C Rooney
Depute Head Teacher Wellbeing & Support / Teacher of Mathematics


Miss Z Hughes
PA to the Head Teacher / HR Administrator
Mrs A Clements
Senior Administrator / Admissions Secretary
Mrs A Docherty
Finance Manager
Mrs S Black
Finance Administrator

Pupil Leadership Team

At Fernhill School we believe all pupils should be given leadership responsibility in Sixth Form and to this end have established a senior pupil leadership model comprising several roles, designed to help pupils further develop and refine the skills they will require as they move from School to University and beyond. All members of the Pupil Leadership team are mentored and supported by the School Leadership Team and meet regularly to set and review individual and group goals and objectives.

Julie Man - School Captain 2023 - 24
It is an honour to have been chosen as School Captain at Fernhill School this year, amidst such a talented peer group. I am very fortunate to be taught by amazing teachers who tirelessly support every pupil’s journey to reach their fullest potential at Fernhill School. In addition to the outstanding academic support, I have also been presented with many opportunities to participate in a diverse range of sports and contribute to the wider community through our school’s theme of Enterprise and Philanthropy for this year. I take great pride in supporting our younger pupils through weekly Peer Support, and engaging in regular conversations with pupils, ensuring every voice is heard at Fernhill school. Fernhill School is not only a place of education but a community built on values instilled in our pupils from their very first day. It offers a unique and nurturing environment in which we can grow, developing the habits that will allow us to ‘Forever Thrive’ in the future that awaits us.