After-School Care

Why is After School Care Better than a Childminder?

After School Care is a better option for your child than using a childminder for several reasons.

The first of these is that your child stays in Fernhill School after the end of the school day and does not have to walk, use public transport or be driven to a childminder’s home, giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that the only time they will go outside the secure school grounds is when you pick them up at the end of the After School Care session.

Fernhill School’s After School Care sessions are led by our qualified Nursery Nurse and professional Day-Care Manager, Mrs. Janice Currie, and Mrs Lizanne Donnelly, so there is never any doubt that children are well-cared for and are never left unsupervised.

Additionally, your child will follow a balanced structure of homework, sport and leisure activities when they attend After School Sessions, meaning that you can be certain that they are still learning even after the school day finishes.

After School Care at Fernhill School is available to all pupils of our Primary and Secondary Departments.

Please note that you must give the office staff at Fernhill School at least three hours notice if you wish to book your child into an After School Care session.