Fernhill School understand that Co-curricular and enrichment activities fuel learning by stimulating creative thought, improving social and organizational skills, developing interests and talents, and offering the opportunity to switch off and do something you really enjoy. Our staff freely and willingly give of their to ensure a comprehensive and varied offering is made to our pupils throughout the academic year. These activities take place either during lunch time or at the end of the school day and are open to all pupils.
Some of our clubs incur a small cost with the majority being free of charge.
Part of our Co-curricular offering includes awards including:
  • Pope Francis Faith Award
  • JASS Award
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Caritas Award
In addition to clubs, academies and societies there are a number of trips and outings over the course of the year.
Recent international trips include:
Rome, New York, Lourdes and ski trips to France and Italy.
Our Co-curricular timetable can be accessed below. (I think there is a downloadable brochure with a description of each club.)

Instrumental Tuition

Learning to play a musical instruments is one of life’s great joys. (There is an instrumental brochure that can be added here as a download or in the body of the page.)

Document to download

Mock Court Project

At Fernhill School we are constantly looking for opportunities to engage our pupils with the wider community, whilst providing a larger platform on which to display their skills and talents.

Pupils in S3-6 take part in a Mock Court Project. Pupils plan a defense/prosecution for a personal injury court case and then present their case in the Court of Session before the Rt. Hon Lady Dorrian, The Lord Justice Clerk – Scotland’s second most senior judge. This is a competition against other schools and after the finals, all students will be invited to a black-tie Awards ceremony in the Signet Library.

Pupils are required to look through paperwork to try and decide the relevant facts and then consider the law applicable. Students attend six weekly tutorials held by solicitors, paralegals and advocates and special sessions are hosted by experts in the field of medicine and forensics.

This is an incredible opportunity for all pupils in which to become involved. They will gain skills in research, teamwork, critical thinking and public speaking. All of which, will benefit their future career and university ambitions.

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