Ethos & Environment

Fernhill School’s Learning Environment

Fernhill School educates children in an inspirational and dynamic environment to deliver the best possible learning experience whilst fully developing talents and skills to help them grow into confident and successful young adults.

Children are more than just “pupils” at Fernhill School; we are all part of the Fernhill Family and respect each other as such.

A dedicated Pupil Support Team provides constant contact for any child looking for advice or guidance and our class and form teachers are always on hand to provide support as and when it is needed.

Both our Primary and Secondary Departments have a House System made up of four houses which foster even stronger bonds between their members.

Fernhill School’s House System means that children can become part of something further reaching than just their own class – they get to mix with children from all classes throughout the school and can take part in a range of competitive inter-house activities, with points being awarded for participation and achievement. This healthy rivalry encourages community spirit, with each pupil playing an active part in the life of Fernhill School.

Our supportive peers and teachers along with our House System create an amazing learning environment, which is complemented by our secure and pleasant grounds; these provide the perfect outdoor learning, playing and socialising space for our nursery, primary and secondary pupils.