Nursery Experience

About Fernhill School Nursery

Fernhill School Nursery is an integral part of Fernhill School. We care for pupils aged 3-5 years and maintain a high staff to child ratio in keeping with Fernhill School’s small class size philosophy.

At Fernhill School Nursery, we focus on the impact early education has on improving the educational experiences and lives of our children. We recognise the importance of children’s successes and achievements and appreciate that the early years of childhood are a crucial time in influencing the future lives of children.

Getting it right from the start is essential in contributing to life-long learning, and Fernhill School Nursery is the perfect place for your child to begin.

Term Dates

You can see our term dates on our calendar here.

Learning through Play

Our experienced nursery team ensure that nursery pupils’ days are filled with activities that make learning exciting, relevant and progressive.

Technology is utilised throughout the curriculum and children are encouraged to experiment with new technologies to encourage their creativity, problem solving and enquiry.

Fernhill School Nursery’s stimulating, child-centred environment is the perfect place for your child to learn, play and grow.

Unrivalled Pupil Staff Ratio

Fernhill School’s philosophy holds small class sizes at its core and this is no different at nursery level where small group sizes play a vital role in our nursery pupils’ development and ensures that our children receive the highest standard of education, attention and care they require.

Our nursery pupils receive instruction from qualified teaching staff which allows them to derive the maximum benefit from their pre-school experience and prepares them for the step to primary school.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor play is an ideal way of encouraging children’s creativity. Away from the constraints and confinement of indoor play, their imaginations are stimulated by the objects around them and they quickly tap into their creativity.

At Fernhill School Nursery we ensure that learning is extended to our secure nine-acre grounds where children regularly participate in guided nature walks, den building activities, managed risk taking as well as having access to bicycles, scooters and other play vehicles which help develop balance, co-ordination and road safety skills.

Set in over 8 acres of forest woodland, Fernhill School Nursery provides the perfect landscape for outdoor learning. Exploring in an open and unrestricted space can offer an opportunity to build important physical, social, cognitive and life skills that pave the way for academic learning later on.

Our outdoor learning programme, which embraces our forest setting, is designed to develop resilience, problem solving, independence and initiative within our children. Children benefit from spontaneous and planned access to these wonderful play spaces.

Healthy Lifestyles

Promoting healthy living is a big part of Fernhill School Nursery life.

As well as the outdoor and physical pursuits outlined, we ensure children have a session of physical education each day, either outdoors or in our custom PE area.

We supply a healthy and balanced hot lunch each day as well as daily breakfast and snacks. We make healthy eating fun and exciting for children and introduce new food to them throughout their learning.