Preparing for Primary

At Fernhill School we understand the importance of a smooth and effective transition from Nursery to Primary school and have developed a tailored programme to ensure the needs of every child are addressed as they move forward in their learning.

Children benefit from several settling in sessions within their Primary 1 class where they meet their class teacher and classmates from within our own nursery and from other establishments.

Having our Nursery and primary school co-located means that staff are able to share information readily about each child to ensure a head start at school.

Parent Partnership

Good home to nursery partnerships have been linked to improved outcomes for children and are an integral feature of Fernhill School Nursery.

We operate an open-door policy where parents have access to Nursery staff whenever it is required. Additionally, we have Stay and Play sessions throughout the year where parents enjoy time with their child in their learning environment. We have a very active parent forum who work closely with our nursery team to ensure our improvement priorities are matched with their expectations for their child.

Children’s progress is tracked and monitored using electronic learning journals which offer a two-way communication facility to our parents and a window into their child’s nursery experience.

Induction sessions

Research informs us that children must feel safe and secure before they can engage in their learning and at Fernhill School we leave nothing to chance in this respect. Our induction programme ensures that children joining us in Primary 1 have a familiarity with their classroom accommodation, their class teacher, their new classmates and indeed their new wider circle of friends in the infant department. It also provides parents with opportunities to meet with each other in a relaxed and informal setting. During these difficult times, we will ensure that all events are carried out in full agreement with latest Government guidelines.