Preparing For Primary

 Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Your child’s nursery and future primary school will play an essential part in the transition process and at Fernhill School Nursery, we believe that this period of change is a crucially important time in a child’s life and we treat it as such. 

As a pupil of Fernhill School Nursery, your child will follow the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), which begins at age three.

This is the same curriculum that children will follow at Fernhill’s Primary Department – and most other Scottish primary schools, should you choose a different school for your child – meaning that both our nursery and primary pupils are working towards developing the same “four capacities” and achieving the same educational outcomes.

Consistency in learning styles and outcomes throughout nursery and primary certainly makes the transition easier for children, and because Fernhill School Nursery pupils enjoy access to the teaching expertise of our qualified primary school teachers, they have already experienced a “classroom” environment before they reach primary school.

This makes the educational gap between nursery and primary much smaller and eases the transition.

At Fernhill School Nursery, before they make the step to Primary 1, children’s individual teaching needs are assessed. A report is then made available to you along with a teaching plan for your child’s Primary 1 year.