Primary Experience

Small Classes at a Small School

Children who benefit from small class sizes – particularly at a young age – experience enhanced learning and achieve more academically.

The Tennessee STAR Project found that, “on every achievement measure (criterion-referenced and norm-referenced tests), and for all subjects (reading, mathematics, science, social science, language, study skills), the small-class students exceeded their peers in regular and regular/aide classes. The results were both statistically and educationally significant.”

Small class sizes are at the core of Fernhill School’s philosophy and play a vital role in our pupils’ exceptional academic achievement.

The benefits of our small class sizes are enhanced by our small school roll, which creates the ideal learning environment for your child and ensures that any disciplinary or behavioural issues are spotted and resolved quickly and carefully.

Our small school roll also means that teachers and pupils can relate to each other far better than those in a school with many pupils in regular sized classes.  This helps our teachers provide the high standard of education that our pupils deserve.

By following Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) from nursery level all the way through to secondary level, Fernhill School offers your child a strong and consistent learning style – which makes transitions from nursery to primary and primary to secondary seamless, simple and stress-free.