Secondary Experience

Fernhill School optimises academic potential

When parents invest in an independent education for their children, they make significant financial sacrifices to pay school fees so that their children can realise their potential.

They are placing their faith in independent schools and expecting them to provide the best educational experience possible. This is an expectation that Fernhill School is committed to meet and exceed with the highest standards of integrity.

It is a fact that many of our pupils want to enter university courses that demand outstanding academic results. They need all the help and support that their parents and school can provide if their dreams are to be realised.

Accordingly, Fernhill School has developed a model that gives our children the best chances of realising their academic potential. There are two important factors that make up Fernhill School’s formula for academic success:

1. Small Class Sizes, Small School – studies prove that the smaller the class size, the better the academic results.

2. High Academic Standards – children are encourage to achieve and succeed in a tight-knit learning community which celebrates every success.

Therefore, the Fernhill formula is: small class sizes in a small school plus high academic standards equals the best way to realise your child’s potential.