Meet the Staff


Secondary subject specialists ensure our pupils are fully supported in realising their potential in all areas of the curriculum.

Mrs L Mooney
Senior Depute Head Teacher / Teacher of Chemistry
Mrs C Rooney
Depute Head Teacher Wellbeing & Support / Teacher of Mathematics
Mr S Hughes
Director of Sport / Head of S5
Mr G Fleming
Teacher of PE
Mrs S Newman
Head of Art and Design
Mrs L Dempsey
Teacher of Art
Mrs C Matassa
Head of Modern Languages / Head of S3
Mr A Gillespie
Head of English and Literacy / Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator
Mr M Hussain
Teacher of Computing Science
Mrs G Dunkley
Head of Science / Teacher of Biology / Head of S1
Mrs McLauchlan
Science Technician
Ms M Ryan
Teacher of Biology and Chemistry
Mrs L Clark
Teacher of Physics
Mrs N Stevenson
Head of Mathematics and Computing Science / SQA Co-ordinator
Mrs P Kitchin
Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs J Peach
Head of Humanities / Teacher of Geography / Head of S4
Mr D Begley
Teacher of Modern Studies and Politics / Head of Sixth Form
Mrs E Hilley
Teacher of History / Head of S2
Ms C Winning
Teacher of Modern Languages / Head of S2B
Miss L O’Donnell
Teacher of English / Head of S2A
Mrs M C Carlin
Teacher of Music
Mrs R Ross
Head of Music
Ms J Lynas
Teacher of Business