Staff List

Fernhill School’s staff for the academic year 2016-17 is as follows :


Dr Laura Murphy                        Head Teacher

Mrs Mary Frances Gallacher   Depute Head Teacher

Mrs Margaret Campbell           Depute Head Teacher

Mr Andrew Mimnagh               Depute Head Teacher

Mr Patrick Scanlan                    Depute Head Teacher

Mr Brendan Farrelly                  Depute Head Teacher


Mrs Amy McInnes

Mrs Janice Currie

Miss Maria O’Neil

Mrs Carole Parker

Miss Denise Cooper


Mrs Mary Frances Gallacher   Depute Head Teacher

Mrs Margaret Campbell           Depute Head Teacher

Primary 1                                      Mrs Michelle Kilgour

Primary 2                                      Mrs Susan McArdle

Primary 3                                      Mrs Suzanne McClafferty & Mrs Mary Frances Gallacher

Primary 4/5                                  Mrs Angela Ferry

Primary 6                                      Mrs Catherine Nesti

Primary 7                                      Mrs Catriona Dunn & Mrs Margaret Campbell

Classroom Assistant                 Mrs Sarah Jane Ferry

Classroom Assistant                 Mrs Stephanie Williamson


Mr Alan Gillespie                       PT English and Literacy Across Learning

Mr Andrew Mimnagh               English and Literacy Across Learning

Mr Patrick Scanlan                    English and Literacy Across Learning

Mrs Colette Rooney                  PT Mathematics, Numeracy Across Learning

Mrs Nicola Steveoson              Mathematics and Numeracy Across Learning

Mrs Linda Mooney                    FH Science

Dr Laura J Murphy                    Chemistry

Mr David McLaren                    Chemistry

Mrs Gillian Dunkley                 Biology

Mr George Douglas                   Physics

Mrs Lorraine Clark                   Physics

Mrs Jacqueline Kiani                FH Social Studies and Technology

Miss Jennifer Byrne                 Geography & Modern Studies

Mrs Cheryl Rennie                   Latin & History

Mrs Stephanie Newman         PT Art and Design

Mrs Cristina Toole                   PT Physical Education

Mr David Hazlie                       Physical Education

Mrs Ruth Ross                          Music

Mrs Michelle Scarse                FH Modern Languages

Mrs Liz Stark                             French

Mr Barrie Crawford                 French

Mrs Margaret Martin              Spanish

Mrs Rugiada Giuni                   Italian


Mrs Jacqui Ball                         Business Development Manager

Mrs Morag Hughes                 Finance Manager

Mrs Morag Baxter                   Finance

Miss Zoe Hughes                    Administration

Mrs Allison Nichol                 Administration

Mrs Sandra Wilson                Science Technician

Mr Thomas Harvey                Janitor

Mrs Frances Harvey              House Keeper

Mrs Lizanne Donnelly          Playground Assistant & After School Care

Mrs Sharon Black                  Playground Assistant