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Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind and flight to the imagination ……..



The purpose of the music curriculum, at Fernhill School, is to develop candidates’ interest and enthusiasm for music whilst developing a range of valuable life skills.
Our young people are encouraged to become musically literate citizens, able to perform on a variety of instruments throughout their time in Fernhill School. They are provided with many opportunities to develop critical and analytical thinking skills whilst also providing the opportunity for presentation skills, through performing at school and charitable events throughout the year.
Our focus is on developing our young people to become responsible and confident learners and as such, the Faculty embraces the use of pupil centred learning and teaching approaches ensuring that all pupils are able to develop at their own speed and time.
Music at the moment offers candidates the option to reach Advanced Higher on Two Instruments or One instrument and Voice. We will shortly be adding some Music Technology options to the

Instrumental Tuition

It is my pleasure as Head Teacher and as a Music Teacher to be surrounded all day, every day with enthusiastic, aspiring young musicians. Of course, excellence doesn’t happen without the support and expert guidance of some of the best instrumental teachers in the business. We are proud that Fernhill School, whilst small, can still attract instrumental instructors of the highest calibre. All are seasoned professional musicians in their own right, all are enthusiastic and skilled teachers.

How do the lessons work?
Lessons take place once per week. All pupils receiving lessons in school will generally have their lessons during the school day. The lessons operate on a rotational basis ensuring pupils only miss half of a class no more than once every four weeks or so. Operating this system ensures the pupils are more than able to cope with their schoolwork without any added pressure. The tutor will post their
timetable on the notice board at least a week in advance, ensuring pupils are well aware which subjects they will be missing. Pupils in the Primary School will be collected for their lesson by the tutor and returned back to class afterwards.

Can my child have a lessons out of class time?
This may be possible. Lessons prior to school, after school and at lunchtime are possible at the discretion of the individual tutor. Priority for these lessons is given to those pupils who play more than one instrument to ensure they do not miss more than one class per week or those pupils whose parents and teachers feel that missing any class would have a detrimental effect on their learning. Demand for
these spaces is high and so may not always be possible.

How much do the lessons cost?
The cost of lessons for 2022/23 £17.00 per half hour lesson. Please note that fees are subject to review and potential increase in line with Musician Union guidelines at any time during the session.

Will my chid be eligible for groups and bands?
We expect all pupils to fully and actively take part in co-curricular groups. This not only fosters great camaraderie but encourages the pupils to work as part of a team.
They would also be key contributors to promoting the ethos of the school through their music. Ensembles and groups are often led by senior pupils who encourage participation from all levels of development. There are no auditions.
NB: Playing an instrument requires serious commitment and dedicated practice. You must be certain that your child has the time and commitment to practice and that school work will not suffer.
Learning to play an instrument is one of the most rewarding experiences in life and will most certainly help to create a well-rounded, confident and socially active young person as well as instilling an excellent work ethic.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you require further information or advice.

We have a vibrant Co-Curricular programme at Fernhill School which includes the
following music groups:
• Training Choir (P1-P4)
• Junior Choir (P5-Transitus)
• Senior Ensemble
• S1-S6 Choir