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“Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure science”

Edward Hubble

We are proud to offer our young people a nurturing and stimulating learning environment in bright, spacious and well equipped laboratories. Within each laboratory there is separate accommodation to facilitate a multiactivity approach to the learning and teaching process; space for written work in an independent, paired or group capacity and work benches to safely allow for experimental activities to take place.
Taking advantage of our 9 acres of beautiful grounds allows for a variety of outdoor learning experiences which optimises health and well being in our pupils. With community links to Fernbrae Meadows,
situated behind the school grounds, Scottish Butterfly Conservation, Eco Schools Scotland and Bat Conservation, Fernhill School is raising awareness of native species and the need to protect their habitats!

The purpose of the science curriculum at Fernhill School is to develop candidates’ curiosity, interest and enthusiasm for Science in a range of contexts. The skills of scientific inquiry permeate all ages and stages across all three science disciplines where the relevance of these subjects is highlighted by the study of their applications in everyday contexts. This crucially, facilitates an understanding of the important role that Science plays in all facets of society, globally. Our young people are encouraged to become scientifically literate citizens, able to review the science-based claims they will meet, and are provided with many opportunities to develop critical and analytical thinking skills which enables reasoned judgements and evaluations to be made.
The focus of the Faculty is on promoting accountability, responsibility, confidence and resilience in each of our learners and as such, we embrace the use of pupil centred learning and teaching approaches. Through the use of effective learning conversations, feedback, peer and self evaluation, our young people become instrumental in identifying their strengths and development needs and proactively implement targeted strategies for improvement on their journey to personal excellence.


S1 and S2 Chemistry

The Chemistry journey begins by introducing pupils to Chemical Reactions, Elements, Compounds and the Periodic Table and Solutions. Chemistry knowledge is furthered enhanced in S2 with topics such as Gases of The Air, Acids, Metals & the Reactivity Series and Carbohydrates.

National 5 Chemistry
Offers opportunities for candidates to develop the ability to think analytically and to make reasoned evaluations.

The course comprises three units.
• Chemical Changes and Structure
• Nature’s Chemistry
• Chemistry in Society .

Higher Chemistry
Is designed to develop an appreciation of the impact of chemistry on everyday lives by applying knowledge and understanding of chemical concepts in practical situations.

The course is comprised of three units:
• Chemical Changes and Structure
• Nature’s Chemistry
• Chemistry in Society

Advanced Higher Chemistry
Allows candidates to develop a deep understanding of the nature of matter,:
• Inorganic chemistry
• Physical chemistry
• Organic Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis
• Researching Chemistry and an independent practical project.


S1 and S2 Physics
The course in S1/S2 fosters a spirit of scientific curiosity by providing pupils with the opportunity to develop skills in planning and designing scientific investigations and analysing scientific
findings. Topics covered include, introduction to measurement, heat conduction, energy sustainability, electricity, light and the electromagnetic spectrum.

National 5 Physics
Further development of knowledge and understanding of Physics concepts is undertaken in S3/4. With a focus on the skills of scientific inquiry and analytical thinking, pupils will develop
their ability to use technology effectively and appropriately. The six units covered are space, electricity, properties of matter, waves and radiation.

Higher Physics
This course allows pupils to understand and investigate the world in an engaging and enjoyable way. The course includes the following areas of physics,  and Waves.

Advanced Higher Physics
Advanced Higher offers a challenging experience for students who wish to study the subject toa greater depth. This course comprises three units; Rotational Motion and Astrophysics, Electromagnetism, Quanta and Waves. A project of independent practical research is an integral part of the course.


S1 and S2 Biology

A broad and challenging  course  designed to enthuse pupils and develop natural enquiry skills. It comprises topics such as Cell Structure, Health & Technology,  Microbes & Health,  Ecosystems,  DNA & Inheritance, Brain and Nervous System  and lastly,  Photosynthesis.

National Biology

Offers opportunities for pupils to develop  their critical thinking skills and further extend their knowledge of Biology. The course comprises three units.

  • Cells
  • Life on Earth
  • Multicellular Organisms

Higher Human Biology

Building further on knowledge and skills acquisition, pupils  learn to appreciate the importance of human biology and its role in society. The course comprises 3 units:

  • Human Cells
  • Physiology and Health
  • Neurobiology and Immunology

Advanced Higher Biology

With a more autonomous  approach, this  allows pupils to improve their depth of knowledge and its application in real life.

  • Cells and Proteins
  • Evolution
  • Investigative Biology

A project of independent practical research is a mandatory part of the Advanced Higher Biology course.