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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ..  

Nelson Mandela 

The Humanities department is a busy department with Business, History, Geography, Modern Studies, Politics and Travel & Tourism. 


Curriculum Overviews 



The study of geography includes physical, human and global topics. Some of these include Climate Change, Formation of limestone and coasts, Urban planning, and Plastic Pollution. The study of geography fosters positive life-long attitudes of environmental stewardship, sustainability and global citizenship. Practical activities, including fieldwork, provide opportunities for students to interact with their environment. These fieldtrips include Dynamic Earth, Loch Lomond and Glasgow city. 



The course develops a coherent and balanced understanding of Scottish, British, European and World history. This includes looking at the American civil rights movement, the Atlantic Slave Trade, WWI and Scottish Wars on Independence. Through examining the past, students can better understand their own communities, their country and the wider world. Fieldtrips also offered to Bannockburn and Glasgow to better understand Scotland’s connection with the slave trade. 

Pupils can also choose to come along to the History Club where they can work towards gaining a wider achievement award.  

Modern Studies 

Modern Studies follows a multidisciplinary approach to develop candidate’s knowledge and understanding of contemporary political and social issues in local, Scottish, British and international contexts. This includes globalization, Fair Trade, China, USA and Crime. Students develop the skills to interpret and participate in the social and political processes they will encounter in their lives.  


Business develops and extends your knowledge and understanding of the ways in which society relies on businesses and other organisations to create employment and generate revenue. Students develop their enterprise skills and attributes; business-related financial matters; learn how businesses and other organisations improve overall performance and effectiveness and understand the main effects that external influences have on large organisations. Students have the opportunity to become involved with Young Enterprise as part of this course. 


Politics is offered at Higher and sees the study of important political concepts and ideologies, the comparison of different political systems, and the evaluation of factors that impact on the electoral performance of political parties. Course content includes; political theory, political systems; political parties and elections. 

Travel and Tourism 

This course is offered at National 5 level and develops the skills, knowledge and attitudes, needed for work in the travel and tourism industry. Students will develop skills to become effective job-seekers and employees as well as skills to deal effectively with all aspects of customer care and customer service in travel and tourism. They will learn to deal effectively with customer enquiries in relation to travel and tourism in Scotland, the rest of the United Kingdom and worldwide.  

Skills gained from studying Humanities include:  

  • Communication   
  • Organisation  
  • Critical thinking  
  • Research skills  
  • Critical analysis  
  • Presentation  
  • Ability to work under pressure  
  • Self-management  
  • Interpersonal skills  
  • Confidence  
  • Willingness to learn  
  • Teamwork