At Fernhill School we open pupils’ minds to Gospel values. As a Catholic school, pupils are shown that faith is intended to be professed, celebrated, prayed and lived.

Any experience of the Christian faith is incomplete if it is not a faith which is lived. Pupils at Fernhill School are given opportunities to put faith into action in various ways, through charitable works, Caritas and The Pope Francis Faith Award, which encourages pupils to see the positive impact of faith on people’s lives.

The school motto is, ‘With One Heart and One Mind’. The experience of faith offered at Fernhill School is one of joy and of love. One which, built on firm foundations, will continue to grow in the hearts of all pupils and further open their minds in response to God’s invitation to become his disciples.
As a Faith school we are privileged to welcome pupils from many Faith backgrounds and are always keen to learn more about their beliefs and traditions. Pupils learn to understand each other’s religious beliefs and to respect their similarities and differences.

School Prayer

Mary our Mother,

Guide everyone in Fernhill School with you gentle and nurturing hand.

Help us to respectful, humble and responsible in all that we do.

Bestow in us the same values of love, care and compassion that you taught Jesus; allowing us to flourish and become well-rounded individuals,

eager to spread the Word of God and able to lead others by example.

Stay close to us always.



Fernhill School benefits from the Chaplaincy of Father Bernard Mournian, Parish priest of St. Columbkilles Church. Father Mournian provides Spiritual support and guidance to our school and its pupils and plays a vital role in all aspects of Faith within the school, including Sacramental preparation and celebration.

Our Chaplaincy provides us with close community links to St. Columbkilles Parish and we enjoy celebrating Mass with them and assisting with charitable initiatives like food and clothing collections and other efforts to help those in need.

Charter for Catholic Schools

The Charter for Catholic Schools in Scotland summarizes the key characteristics which all Catholic schools in Scotland strive to feature through the experiences and the service which they offer. It provides a useful set of reference points for school staff and parents to use in their school evaluation and planning.

Sacramental Preparation

One of our most important jobs in the Primary Department is to prepare our pupils to receive their sacraments. We present children in Primary Three for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the children in Primary Four for the Sacrament of First Holy Communion and every two years the children of Primaries Six and Seven are presented for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

All preparations for the sacraments are done with the classroom teacher and our school chaplain, Father Mournian. The Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation are held in the local parish of St Columbkille’s and the Sacrament of Reconciliation is held in the Notre Dame Oratory in Fernhill School.

Faith Awards


“How beautiful it would be if each of you, every evening, could say: “Today at school, at home, at work, guided by God, I showed a sign of love towards one of my friends, my parents, an older person!” Pope Francis (Addressing young people April 2013)

The Pope Francis FAITH AWARD is an award of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland, designed to help children to show “signs of love” in their daily lives and to be active members of their local Church. It invites young people at the Primary 6 and 7 stages to use the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and to see how they can bear fruit in their homes, schools and parishes. It is directly connected to what young people are learning about the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Caritas Award

The Pope Benedict XVI CARITAS AWARD encourages and promotes the ongoing faith journey of young people. It recognises that some are already active and committed within their homes, schools, parishes and dioceses and it invites others to respond to God’s call of love. It supports and celebrates the faith witness which young people give within their communities.